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Stop wasting time and money on a complicated website builder or a graphic designer. Use Elementor, a plugin for your favorite content management system WordPress, to take care of everything for you! It’s so easy, even a child could do it.


A secure, reliable and powerful platform crafted for WordPress


No need for any legwork - Your WordPress hosting comes pre-configured with the latest version of WordPress and is ready-to-use the moment you buy it.


Any patches or version upgrades released by WordPress are automatically installed for your packages, not only making your sites future-proof but also more secure.


No need to worry about viruses or hacking attempts. All your WordPress sites will be regularly scanned for malware with SiteLock's advanced security tools. (Applies for Security Suite)


Get a time machine for all your WordPress sites. With CodeGuard automatically set up for any site you create, your data is always protected and regularly backed up.
(Applies for Security Suite)

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We know that as a developer, you rely on a high-performance cloud infrastructure to be at your best. With our advanced tools, we give you the power to scale your website as needed and stay ahead of the competition.

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Cloudflare is the easiest way to deploy the most sophisticated website security and performance technologies.

Get FREE installation and setup by our technical team. Let us handle the difficult part.

Take advantage of our Site Performance tool, which provides detailed insight into your site's loading performance. We also offer website security tools like SSL (with automatic HTTPS redirection), bot traffic filtering, and firewalls to help you stay secure.

With Cloudflare, there's no reason to ever worry about whether your site is available or not - we provide native uptime monitoring features so you can be notified when there's an issue with your site.

Cloudflare is the only company in the world that uses 100% of its global network capacity to deliver your content. That means if you're using Cloudflare, you'll never compete with your neighbor for bandwidth again.

Cloudflare is the foundation for your infrastructure, applications, and teams.


Fast Load Time

With SSD Performance and independent Cloud Server, it host website at the best in it class.

Quick and Easy Setup

You can create your website after completed your purchase. And create your website using the UI without any code and commands.

Scale Performance Instantly

You can scale your hardware CPU and Ram on the spot without reboot and interrupt the website traffics.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Worry-Free with no Server and Hosting downtime.

No Coding

Build Beautiful Pages Without Restrictions

Elementor, the world’s most advanced website builder, has teamed up with WordPress hosting providers to give you the best wordpress hosting experience for your new Elementor site.

With its intuitive interface and ground-breaking technologies, Elementor will not only build your website but also provide you with the best possible wordpress hosting.

Frequently asked questions

No, You cannot change upgrade or downgrade plans, however the amount of RAM and CPU cores for your plan can be upgraded.
No, you cannot add more WordPress installations to any plan. The number of WordPress installations will remain fixed.
Currently, the included SiteLock and CodeGuard plans cannot be upgraded.
Yes, you can use any 3rd party email service for your domain. In case you are using the default name servers provided with WordPress Hosting, please contact our Support team to update the relevant DNS records for your blog.
No, you cannot use an existing certificate. You will need to generate a CSR from the WordPress Hosting panel and get a certificate issued which can be installed from the panel.
Yes, WordPress core updates will be enabled by default.
No, WordPress Hosting does not have a money back period.
No, Multisite is not supported.
No, cPanel access is not provided with WordPress Hosting.
Yes. When you purchase a WordPress Hosting order, Free SSL powered by Let’s Encrypt, is automatically generated and installed for all domains associated with the package
WordPress Hosting plans are economical plans without automatic backups and anti-malware. WordPress Hosting + Security plans have the same specifications as that of the WordPress hosting plans, including automatic cloud backups and anti-malware at a cost difference.